Windows 10 Tablet Gaming Test – x5-8300 / x5-8350: Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion

Windows 10 Tablet Gaming Test – x5-8300 / x5-8350: Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion


Windows 10 Tablet Gaming Test – Atom x5-8300 / x5-8350: Skyrim, Fallout, Oblivion.
After taking some time to get this HP x2 Detachable 10, 2-in-1 Tablet/Laptop (thats a mouthful!), and getting it loaded up with some Bethesda Games, we take a look at Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim running on the little Cherry Trail Intel Atom processor. This is the x5-8350, a ever-so-slightly faster variant of the very common x5-8300 family – an entry level processor you will find in inexpensive tablets and those tiny Micro PCs and Stick PCs which are all thoughout Amazon and Chinese gadget sites.

Performance wise, it is better at gaming than the prior Bay Trail Atoms, and matches what we saw with the Bay Trail Celerons like the N2840. So in terms of the tablet technology, it is on par with the lightweight laptop Celerons of the last generation. At least in terms of Gaming anyway.

It still is not anything you would want to rely on for newer games, but it does prove to be more competant for 3d gaming than we saw with Baytrails like the Atom Z3735F which appear in mini laptops like the x205TA, as well as those many tablets and stick PCs which became insanely popular.

Anyway, have a look if you want & if you are interested in picking a tablet or micro pc up with the x5-8300 or x5-8350 in it, let me know what you think or if there is a game you are really interested in seeing. If I have it, I will try to load it up and show it here on the channel. 🙂