Raspberry Pi 3 Running Windows 10

Raspberry Pi 3 Running Windows 10


Raspberry Pi 3 Running Windows 10

Industrious hacker and developer Bas Timmer, based in the Netherlands as this week reveal images of his Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows 10. Unfortunately, Bas doesn’t divulge all the details involved in installing and getting the Microsoft latest Windows 10 operating system on the mini PC but its definitely a move in the right direction. Just to be clear this isn’t the cutdown Internet of Things version of the Windows 10 operating system which was released by Microsoft, but the fully blown version of Windows 10 desktop edition.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of firmware support, only one core from the four within the Pi 3’s ARM Cortex-A53 can be utilised, and this core is being pushed to maximum constantly. An error message from the Windows installation on the Raspberry Pi mini PC published on Twitter seems to be caused by missing processor instructions rather than any incompatibility with the Raspberry Pi hardware. For more information jump over to the website via the links below.

However what it does show is that the Raspberry Pi mini PC is edging closer to being able to run the Windows 10 operating system and hopefully we won’t have to wait long until the small $35 computer is capable of running the Windows OS with a simple install process. Whenever more information is released regards running Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi mini PC will keep you up-to-date as always

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Source: Liliputing :  Twitter : WinFuture

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