New DirectX 12 Features Added In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

New DirectX 12 Features Added In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


DirectX 12

Microsoft has today revealed more details about the new improvements to DirectX 12 rolled out in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The DirectX 12 API was first released back in July 2015 and since then has been updated regularly to build better applications, games and run faster and more stable. DirectX 12 is perfect for creating native 4K Ultra HD games to play on Microsoft’s latest and most powerful to date Xbox console the Xbox One X. New features within DirectX 12 include enhancements to the :

– The CPU-GPU Divide

Even though applications run on the CPU, many modern-day applications require a lot of GPU support. These applications send instructions to the GPU, and then receive processed work back. For example, an application that uses 3D graphics will tell the GPU the positions of every object that needs to be drawn.

– Device Removed Errors

Finding out which command caused it to crash used to be almost impossible, but we’re in the process of changing this, with two awesome new features that will help developers figure out what exactly happened when things go wrong in their programs.

– Improved Debugging: Data

Before the Fall Creators Update, applications had no direct control over the underlying resource memory. However, there are rare but important cases where applications may need to access resource memory contents, such as right after device removed errors.

– Improved Debugging: Commands

We’ve implemented another tool to be used alongside the previous one. Essentially, it can be used to create markers that record which commands sent from the CPU have already been executed and which ones are in the process of executing. Right after a crash, even a device removed crash, this information remains behind, which means we can quickly figure out which commands might have caused it—information that can significantly reduce the time needed for game development and bug fixing.

Full details on all the new enhancements you can now utilise in DirectX 12 and the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update jump over to the official Windows blog by following the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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