Install windows 10 on iball Slide i701 or any Windows tablet

Install windows 10 on iball Slide i701 or any Windows tablet


100% Working Method To Install Windows 10 on iBall Slide i701 or any Windows 10 Tablet. iball i701 Driver link is below. So download it from there.

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In this video I will share with you how to install windows 10 on any atom based tablet. I will give you all the drive you need for iball slide tablet which is a 1GB Intel Z3735f based computer. If your tablet is different than mine just search around you will find windows 10 driver for your windows 8.1 tablet. Basically all of the windows 8.1 driver works on windows 10 but expect few. Using an application called double driver you can copy all of the driver from windows 8.1. I did a clean installation of windows 10 so if you want to do it make sure you create a recovery drive. If something goes wrong, then you have a option roll back. If something go wrong I am not responsible for that.

Windows 10 Drivers for iball Slide i701
Drivers :
All Inf Drivers:
Camera Driver :
Rotation Fix :
Intel Graphics Driver :

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