Analyst: Global Xbox One Sales Close to 35 Million & Xbox One...

Analyst: Global Xbox One Sales Close to 35 Million & Xbox One X Outselling PS4 Pro in the US


Microsoft has reportedly sold close to 35 million Xbox One consoles and its Xbox One X is said to have been outselling the PS4 Pro in the US.

At least, that’s what well-known industry analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel ‘ZhugeEx’ Ahmad, proclaimed on the ResetEra forums.

According to Ahmad, Xbox One global sales are “close” to 35 million units. When asked about his source, he replied that these numbers are based on NPD data, which hasn’t been made public. Another interesting tidbit is that Ahmad mentioned that, when launches are aligned, Microsoft’s Xbox One X console it outselling Sony’s PS4 Pro console in the US. “In the US, when launch aligned, yes”, he replied when asked about Xbox One X outselling the PS4 Pro. “The One X got off to a really good start.”

Microsoft stopped releasing hardware sales numbers as of 2015 and said to be focusing more on Xbox Live engagement and MAU (Monthly Active Users) as its primary metric for success. Microsoft’s 10 million figure from back in November 2014 is the latest official sales number for the console, although EA accidentally mentioned around 18 to 19 million sold units during an earnings call in January 2016.