3D Printing with the Windows Mixed Reality Viewer

3D Printing with the Windows Mixed Reality Viewer


Last month, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update arrived for many creative users, with improvements on the existing features and an exciting addition: the Windows Mixed Reality Viewer. With this new app, it’s possible to put your 3D creations and characters in a real environment to see how they merge.

When we heard about the new Mixed Reality Viewer we got very intrigued and we couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves.

As the Holidays season is approaching, we decided to give our Piguin a Christmas makeover and test the new app in the real world. The results were awe-inspiring and very Christmassy!

Windows and 3D printing

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and 3D printing are a match made in heaven. To start with, 3D designers can create their 3D models on 3D Builder and print them directly from the app through i.materialise. Learn how to 3D print with 3D Builder on our blog.


Windows Mixed Reality View. Can you spot the Piguin?

The other steps towards 3D from Windows is Paint 3D, a new version of the Microsoft classic that now has a 3D twist. 3D Paint is very user-friendly and makes it easier to turn a 2D sketch into a 3D image.

The Mixed Reality Viewer is the icing on the cake of Microsoft’s efforts to make 3D design and augmented reality more accessible.

Trying the new Windows Mixed Reality Viewer

The Windows Mixed Reality Viewer is a new feature that offers an entirely new experience on augmented reality. In this case, we used the camera on our tablet with great results but you can use immersive headsets for a complete experience.

Mixed Reality is great to unleash your 3D printing creativity and it was a blast to see our Piguin in the real world, changing its size and position in every scenario.


3D-designed Christmas Piguin

3D printing Christmas decorations

As you can see, we dressed Piguin up as Santa Claus. Are you dreaming of a white 3D-printed Christmas too?  Remember to print your presents and decorations as soon as possible to receive them on time for the holidays. Once you have your model ready, you can upload it to our online platform and you will get an estimated shipment date.


Christmas Piguin enjoying the Mixed Viewer Reality environment

With Windows Mixed Reality, it is possible to see your Christmas decoration or your presents interacting with reality before printing them; so it’s a good way to know beforehand if they match the surroundings or if the colors and size are right.


The Piguins enjoying Christmas dinner. Which one is real?

Find inspiration for your 3D-printed presents on our blog and shop, and print them just in time by following these tips.